Ideas for decorating cloth tablecloths

Painting: there is no doubt that painting is the great ally when we want to decorate or customize any space, object or environment. In the case of tablecloths, you can buy a white tablecloth or in any other color, that is plain, and paint it to your liking. Even children can paint it and unleash their creativity. No matter the design, made with that passion will be spectacular.

The tablecloths for square or round tables, we explain step by step the process to make it easier and easier to make your own designs. Simple tablecloth models consist of a piece of round, square or rectangular fabric, which is placed on the board and falls freely. To do this, just cut the fabric with the desired size and finish with a hem, adorned in some cases with festoons, trim or lace. The armed models, are those that the borders and seams adapt to the contour of the table, demanding therefore a more meticulous preparation. Calculate the necessary fabric for a tablecloth The type and size or surface to be covered, as well as the model of the skirt or tablecloth to be made, will determine the amount of fabric needed to make the tablecloth. It will be necessary to know the measurements of the surface and the fall of the tablecloth, which will obviously depend on the height of the table or piece of furniture.

The Christmas tablecloths to decorate the Christmas tables are one of the elements that can not be missing at Christmas lunches and dinners. If you are going to have guests and want a good decoration of the table during the Christmas holidays, do not miss the models and examples of tablecloths that we offer you. When decorating the tables at Christmas you have to pay close attention to different elements. Crockery and cutlery is one of the aspects that can attract the most attention. Along with these, the centerpieces also tend to look a lot. On the other hand, the napkins also have their prominence, since you can play with them and make original shapes with them. But in addition to these aspects, we must not forget the basis of the table itself: the tablecloth. It is usually an element that is not given much attention. But if we want a table of 10, we can not leave it aside. Below we will see different examples of inspiration to choose one type or another of Christmas tablecloth and make the tables look like never before.

If we like the golden color, you can also use a tablecloth with this color. The ideal is that the gold is for the small details. We can also combine the color gold with white and red Finally, we propose a craft work to decorate your own tablecloth. Thanks to the stencil technique you can decorate a simple white tablecloth with Christmas details. You can also do the same with napkins.