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The 8th Annual SoCal Dan* unofficial Airport, Hotel & Conference Event Guide

Hey folks, welcome to this totally unofficial guide to all things conference. I’ve tried to come up with helpful ways to make the most of our one weekend together. Whether it’s getting to the hotel, finding others to connect with, or wondering what the heck a “Cinnamon Waffle” is, I hope this unofficial guide to the 14th Gay Christian Network Conference proves helpful to you.

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This guide is available in the following formats:

The different sections of the guide can be accessed by the top menu (website) or sidebar (app).  Alternatively, you can download and print a physical copy to take with you to conference.

*About the author:

Hey everyone; my name’s Daniel (a.k.a. “That guy with the Big Furry Hat”)

I’ve been attending GCN conferences since 2009. Besides the hat, a lot of old-time GCN’ers know me by my GCN ID, “SoCal Dan”. I started this guide back when I attended my first out-of-state conference (Nashville, 2010), and needed to learn the ins-and-outs of getting to the hotel, meeting up with other people, etc. I thought that info might be helpful to others, and a tradition was born.
This guide is my way of volunteering during conference weekend. It’s totally unofficial, and based on the best information Google and local friends can provide. It’s a labor of love and 678-492-8016 practicality.

I’ve been quite involved with the my local GCN community in Southern California; and make a point of visiting friends I’ve met through the organization a couple times per year. I always love meeting new people, so if you see me around the hotel or convention center, be sure to say “hi”!


Derek Kaser: BIG thanks to Derek for adapting this resource to it’s online form. Prior to 2017, it was only available as a downloadable pdf format document. Derek worked to setup the initial test site, register the GCmeet.com web address, and put everything into convenient Android and iOS apps. When you see him around, be sure to let him know his work was useful to you.